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“””The Divide”” is not an easy story of one murder crime, it is a story about three judicial mistakes that resulted in sentences imposed on absolutely different people, all they had was poverty, legal illiteracy, low intelligence, lack of restraint and previous minor crimes.
From the very moment the people of Philadelphia were shocked by the inhumane and brutal crime that took place in these parts the entire Butler family was cynically and brutally murdered, many years passed. For a long time was under investigation, in the end, the police announced that the fanatics who are guilty of murder, be convicted and punished.
Active participation in the investigation took Adam Paige attorney and aspiring politician due diligence of which the police were able to trace the two construction workers who were subsequently found guilty of murder..
Eleven years have passed, but Kristine Rose a social worker, can not forget the events of those days. Again and again, she mentally reviews the case, completely exhausted, she decides to view the materials of the case and try to figure it out. Christina doubts the correctness of the court’s conclusions and the guilt of the convicts, at least one.
Adam page is concerned about the active involvement in the long-forgotten case. He is forced to take control of the situation again. It turns out he has something to hide…”