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«Good doctor. Bad habits “is about the new canadian TV series “Rush” Onslaught from Directors Deran Sarafian, bill Johnson and Jonathan Levin. The series tells the audience about a young, talented and successful doctor from Hollywood William rush (Tom Ellis), who is not tied to any clinic and is not quite an ordinary therapist. William rush is engaged in medical practice independently and is very attentive to the illness of each patient as long as he pays for his services, and he can have fun in high society. His clients are mostly from a rich environment. He treats them with lights on their party exactly as long as they are able to pay the bills. But having looked at work of the doctor rush, they realize that still easily got off.The services of Dr. William are very popular, but in his personal life complete devastation: drug use, insomnia, the former passion, which harbored resentment it is not surprising that the privacy of customers he does not care. But the rush of everything that happens in his life, satisfied, and he had not the slightest desire to change your style of life, until the love of his life has not turned everything from head to toe… Passing it will start to Wake up the conscience and his mind comes to the conclusion that he is doing something wrong in my life…