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The series “Babylon 5” is a colorful film adaptation of the amazing cosmic future that awaits the inhabitants of the Earth. The event takes place in 2257 2382 years, when for all earthlings began a new space era. The protracted war with the Minbar is over, and people actively mastering travel to other planets, thought about creating a galaxy without wars. The embodiment of this bold dream was to be the project “Babylon” 2.5 tons of moving and rotating metal, furrowing outer space. This unique ship was to be the center of resolving all disputed issues between different civilizations in a peaceful way. It would be the first of its kind “home”, a safe meeting place for alien diplomats, ambassadors, adventurers, merchants, dealers, and travelers of all races. Gradually, “Babylon 5” has acquired another meaning. The station became the only hope for peace between different civilizations. Now, however, collapsed even this dream. A new goal of “Babylon 5” the victory in the war. This iron ship will depend on the outcome of the decisive battle and its crew has no right to weakness.