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In the “Hellcats” Marty Perkins is a student at the University of Lancer, law Department. All her life, she was one of the most popular girls in schools. It was considered so cool that even dared to insult the Holy of holies the school group of cheerleaders. When you meet them it does not skimp on insults. But Marty recently lost her scholarship. Now, to continue her studies, she needs to decide on the impossible to become a member of her College cheerleading team. The girl remains nothing, except how to accept these conditions and join the ranks of the “poprygunchik”. In the team, she meets a girl who is the captain of the team “devil” and a new roommate. Each series of Marty confronts small problems: lack of money and lack of seriousness of his mother, who constantly need to pull out of the next story. To the same, it is worth, finally, deal in his personal life. Stay with the past or go into the future with clean pages that you can fill without remembering the bad.