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The main character of the series “Fangar” is Linda, the girl who dreamed of a happy future, but, in the end, went to jail because of the perfect stupidity. She attacked her own father. The big shot in the business. A man decides serious political and financial issues. After a skirmish with the daughter he falls into a coma, and Linda immediately take a pencil to the lawyers who quickly and confidently send the girl to jail. There she has to face truly harsh reality. The heroine always lived in conditions of General permission. A lot of money, which centers around her family, allowed the girl to buy anything, even peace of mind and positive emotions. However, in prison is very different. The atmosphere here is terrible and frightening and oppressive atmosphere. Linda nothing is necessary but to cope on their own with stress and to establish links with new neighbors. The heroine understands that this horror will continue for a very long time. However, while the girl is doing everything possible to find the strength to tell everyone the truth about her relationship with the father, which are extremely ambiguous. Maybe sincerity and honesty will help the girl to escape from the hell into which she has fall.