El Príncipe (SP) (season 1, 2) Download full Episodes 720p

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“In this series “”El Príncipe”” we are talking about a specific area of El príncipe, which is under the control of a police officer named Fran. However actions of the man are illegal, he already ceases to be afraid of any punishment. Over time, the leadership of the offender learns about what is happening and directs Javier Moray, so that he understood the situation. The man turns out to be a difficult guy, and a real agent of the Spanish secret service. Javier will have to reveal all illegal operations of drug traffickers and detain the perpetrators. However, unexpectedly for himself, a man meets a beautiful woman with whom he has a serious relationship. Now the agent faces a very difficult task, because it was not easy to combine operational work and personal life. Darling Javier working regular teacher. However, because of his brother, a young woman is associated with the underworld drug traffickers.
Loving people will need to fight with established family traditions and, despite the prohibitions, continue to meet. The series “”El Principe”” will delight viewers with interesting detective investigations and romantic adventures of the main characters.”