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“In the possible future, in the series “”B The Beginning “”, the technology and the science have reached incredible heights. Scientists are able to access archipelagic nation of Cremona. The work on the artificial evolution of mankind is also being completed. However, as it is told in the anime “”B: Beginning””, results of these scientific developments were stolen by unknown malefactors. After this passed eight years. In the Kingdom of Cremona concentrated a huge number of all kinds of criminals. There is one mysterious criminal organization, which dealt harshly with its competitors.
The case is entrusted to conduct known investigators Keith Flick and Coca. They are members of the RIS (Royal system of investigators). There’s another danger. There’s a serial killer that is on the bodies of their victims leave the signature “”B””. Investigators do not know how many of these people and who heads them. While investigating crimes, Keith flick and Coca stumble upon a known kidnapping eight years ago. Near the detectives there is a lovely girl Lily Hoshino, who knows a lot.”