Knight Rider (season 1) Download full Episodes 720p

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“Knight Rider “- a continuation of the eponymous cult TV series of the 80s, which tells the story of the everyday life of a former American soldier and a member of the war in Iraq Mike knight, now working for a private anti-crime organization” FLAG as a pilot kitta. As before, the KITT is the most perfect and versatile car ever produced by man. Driven to incredible heights of artificial intelligence, superior ability to hacking computer systems, the ability to exchange information with satellites and several types of weapons these are just some of the advantages that make kitta the ideal partner of the police. And thanks to the vast experience and professionalism of the new driver, the car is also absolutely immune to external threats! Together, fighting lawlessness, Mike and KITT without hesitation challenge even the most powerful and violent opponents, each time standing on the side of justice and never turning off the intended path. The series will show what it is capable of legendary heroes!