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Mystical series “Awake” tells the story of an unusual car crash, which hit detective Michael Birten. The main character wakes up after the accident and learns that his wife Hannah perished, but the son of Rex miraculously survived. But the next day turns all the facts back. Now Michael will have to bury a son, and his beloved Hannah as before beside her husband. Michael is like living in two parallel worlds, where there are alternative events. To save his son and wife, the protagonist is forced to be torn between the two realities, live different lives and solve different problems. To better understand what is happening, Michael Birten seeks help from a psychoanalyst. But to agree to a doctor’s treatment is to renounce any of the two worlds, to voluntarily acknowledge the death of a wife or son. What’s really going on with Michael? Perhaps, he gained a rare chance to live for two, and can simply slowly are getting mad. Is it possible to take advantage of the two parallel realities and what is the solution to Michael’s “awakening”?