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In “Lethal Weapon” season 3 we see that life is amazing and unusual. Even in the Bible it was said that a person will be forced to work to earn their own food. But not only for this in the modern world there is work. It is also designed to meet other human needs. It can be a thirst for knowledge, a passion for travel or a love of learning the art of love. When the work is part-time favorite occupation, do not have to work a single minute. But there are also such forms of employment, in which every moment in the professional environment is fraught with danger and risk.
The complexity and lack of peace of mind at work makes it even more exciting in the eyes of potential applicants for the job. In our series, the main character is not required to explain these truisms, as they have a great idea of where to get involved. Crime, which will extinguish the servants of law and order, will be a major pain in their quiet work. Serious offences will require a quick, accurate and competent response from the officers of the criminal investigation departments of various types.
Our heroes have become in couple of quite recently. Until that time, they knew nothing about each other’s skills and talents. Now they have to act decisively and wisely in a new environment for them, not forgetting to give the right to steps partner.

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