Midwinter of the Spirit (season 1) Download full Episodes 720p

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The main character of the television series “Midwinter of the spirit” Merrily Watkins episcopate, offer to become an exorcist, she doubts that will cope. She has absolutely no experience in exorcism of the man. But the diocese decides that it is worthy and wants it to be closer to the people and help those who are waiting. Of course, she is confused, a woman who banishes demons sounds stunning. And suddenly it was not her calling…. Assigned work is dangerous, and not from evil spirits, but from the common man. Its main task is to strengthen their faith. Her personal troubles make her vulnerable. She’s getting involved in a murder investigation. Detectives believe there’s a religion thing. She is shocked by what she saw and she has nightmares. Plus she’s called to the hospital where the old man died, he received a lot of complaints. After reading the prayer our heroine refuses to believe his eyes….