Collision (season 1) Download full Episodes 720p

Here you can download TV show Collision (season 1) full episodes in .mp4 .mkv and .avi. All episodes are available in HD quality 720p, 1080p for free.

“The series “”Collision”” filled with mysteries, secrets and deception. The plot of the series does not give the viewer relax. Once you open one mystery, another one appears behind her, demanding an immediate solution.
The story is kept in suspense all, even the characters of the series. It all starts with the usual accident that happened on the road. Many famous personalities have died and those who survived were carefully hidden skeletons in the closet. And all those who are related to the accident, are connected by strong threads of fate and deeds.
Anyway, all behind a lot of crimes that lay a stone in the soul of the main characters. The viewer will have to understand other people’s secrets, and link together the events that occurred to each separately. Maybe this accident was just a cruel punishment for many? After all, terrible things are not forgiven, they will have to pay for sooner or later.”