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“What is about “”Hatfields and McCoys””? It’s a story based on real events. The plot evolves around two best friends who’ve been through Civil War and returned to his home. William Anderson Hatfield arrives in West Virginia, and Randall McCoy returns to the state of Kentucky, located in the neighborhood across the river. This could be a great start for a quiet life of two friends, but silly resentments, growing misunderstanding, and meaningless quarrels escalate into a conflict between two friends and their families.
Gradually, under the influence of the “”virus”” enmity are all friends acquaintances and distant relatives of the Hatfields and McCoys. The conflict escalates into a small war, which stretches for many years. Several generations confront each other, forgetting about the root cause of their quarrel. The main characters are ready to do anything to win this senseless fight. In an instant before the eyes of witnesses passes a whole era, filled with passion, hatred, cruelty, revenge, courage and willingness to sacrifice. Because of this total confrontation, the States of Kentucky and West Virginia face a new civil war. What will end this confrontation, and whether the winners in this battle?”