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The American state of Oklahoma, in 1934. 18-year-old farmer Ben Hockins (hero of the series “Carnival”) buries his beloved mother, and goes in search of a better fate. Unexpectedly, the boy joins a mysterious traveling circus, among the actors whose half-crazed fortune-teller, a bearded lady, and many other strange personalities, having mystical powers. Supervises and demands the unquestioning obedience cruel dwarf that serves as a warden. In such a mysterious environment, Ben begins to see prophetic dreams and predict the future. At the head of the circus is an invisible but Almighty Host, who has his own preferences and plans for everyone. He is able to raise the dead and heal wounds, only to do this, it takes force, or the life of another person. Young Ben liked the man: he saw it as a powerful gift of foresight, which the guy desperately trying to hide. Mysterious dreams about a man with a tattoo of a tree lead Ben to a religious preacher Justin Crowe, who calls himself the messenger of God. They become enemies, and survive in their confrontation should only one.