I Hate My Teenage Daughter (season 1) Download full Episodes 720p

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What will happen if you give a child complete freedom. The series “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” main character, Ann, has a grown daughter and a well-adjusted life. But when he was a child, she has absolutely nothing, no fashionable clothes, no phone and even there were those who on it was a joke. Her friend also has a daughter and also had a difficult childhood. Women decided to make their children’s lives better, so they gave them everything they wanted. Girls have all fashionable gadgets, beautiful clothes and the most important money, as they are allowed to do whatever they want. But in the end all the actions of mothers led to the opposite, not a positive effect. Spoiled children became angry and began to behave like those Schoolgirls that in the past bullied their mothers. How to return the children to normal heroine don’t know, but they are confident that this need to fight like that.