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“In the series “”Bones”” the Federal Bureau of investigation work with a talented doctor-anthropologist temperance Brennan. In the identification of human remains, it has no equal. Detecting any traces and clues on the skeletons, she easily reveals the high-profile crimes that were sent to the archive marked “”for a period of limitation””. Thanks to her talent in working with the remains, Brennan is constantly charged with uncovering the mysteries of the murders that occurred many years ago. To somehow distract from his beloved, but such a specific work, the woman writes novels.
Brennan often has to cooperate with an agent from the syli booth homicide investigation Department, a professional sniper in the recent past, which is not exciting for both of them, because the approaches to finding evidence and establishing the causes of death are completely different. If Brennan is used to working with bones and using scientific knowledge and skills in his case, the Booth is not very trust “”bespectacled””-representatives of science, and in the investigation of the case prefers to deal with living people, not the dead.”