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“””Get smart “” is an American Comedy television series, a parody of spy films.
Partners investigate and confront various threats to the world, although Smart’s competence is constantly in doubt. Smart never manages to do everything himself, without Agent 99, who has good skills and luck. Managed by patient and judicious head of the Center “”CONTROL””, which referred to only as “”Chief””, although in one series the US President it was named after Tadeusz (played by Edward Platt). The sworn enemy Of the center “”CONTROL”” is “”KAOS””, called international organization of evil.”” “”KAOS”” was supposedly created in Bucharest (Romania), in 1904, but it is based in the state of Delaware. Despite the fact that the Center “”CONTROL”” and “”KAOS”” are written in capital letters, this is not an abbreviation, and does not decode”