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“American Comedy series “”Friends with Better Lives”” tells the story of six childhood friends who grew up, however, continue to maintain a relationship. Occasionally they gather to tell about the events which have occurred in life of everyone. Such meetings sometimes with its outward ordinariness generate in the souls of heroes a lot of negativity associated with the fact that everyone thinks that he is much worse than the rest.
Envy has never been a positive feeling. But when it is multiplied by self-pity, it gets really bad. Jules and Lowell have a lot of joint problems, but they’ve been together a long time. Kate could not arrange his life, but it goes uphill career. Will’s getting a divorce, but he’s still married and he can keep it. Andy and Bobby don’t want to have kids, and yet they’re happily married. And so without of the late…
However, our heroes not everything is running as it seems. And although envy did not better, in their hands to change their lives in a way that was not painfully hurt by the fact that other like something else.”