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“What do we know about deserts? Besides the fact that it is a huge area covered with sand, and where are the eternal problems with food and water? There live a variety of animals and birds.
In the series “”Oscars Oasis “” we see Oscar – smart and funny lizard. Concerned about perennial problems, such as: what to eat, and where to find water. But Oscar is just lucky. He discovers in the middle of the desert what would you think? A counter of drinks that will satisfy his needs in the liquid for a whole life. And he knows how to open these wonderful bottles, because recently in a pile of garbage he found a bottle opener.
But Oscar too happy with these lifetime supply of drinks. With him willing to share his wealth. It’s the Fox, the hyena and the vulture not the most friendly of the inhabitants of the desert. They haunt the Oscar for a second, and create hilarious situations.”