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“The last tango in Halifax” is a warm drama, telling about the high feelings of two elderly people, between whom real love was born. The focus of the story is Cecilia Downes, who lived seventy years, full of incredible twists, joys and tragedies. The heroine remembers the old days with warmth in her heart, hoping that her daughter will live the same diverse and happy life. However, the latter still angry at her mother because she was living with a man that did not love. Cecilia understands that young gave to the wrong person, so do not mind in disputes with her daughter. However, seventy years is still the age when everything can be corrected. The woman suddenly decided to master Facebook, which comes into contact with an elderly man Alan, who, as it turned out, not so long ago widowed and now lives a free pension-bachelor life. Correspondence brings together the hearts of the main characters, forcing each of them to believe that in their elderly hearts can still be born a real feeling called love! Let’s see what the old men of the series “the Last tango in Halifax”are capable of.