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“In the series “”Ashes to Ashes”” Alex Drake is a proven police psychologist. The events of her life in the beginning of the series “”ashes to Ashes”” takes place in 2008, she experienced detective, lives in London and has a daughter. At the same time, an unknown assailant shoots her.
Alex comes to her senses and realizes that she was transported back in time and found herself in 1981. Instead of a hospital and an operating table, the heroine discovers a girl of easy virtue and realizes that she is involved in a serious mess.
A few years ago Alex, being police, studied shrouded in mystery the mysterious case of Sam Tyler. Sam, who survived a car accident woke up in 1973 with a COP badge and experienced all the attacks of uncompromising police officer Gene hunt. The same fate awaits and Alex Drake, which you have to face the cruel COP eye to eye.
The main question haunting most Alex if she’s still alive in the future 2008. What do you need to do to return to his beloved daughter: stop the criminal who shot at her, or she has a different mission?”