Rick and Morty (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

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“Rick and Morty” is a telly series about an old insane genius in science and alcohol addiction and his grandson, a typical American junior class pupil. It means that Mort is shy, secretly in love with a beautiful classmate, suffers from school hooligans from time to time. Senior inventor needs someone to accompany him during night adventures, therefore the following morning Morty falls asleep during the lessons. Child’s father secretly implements his plans of sending his father-in-law to a specialized establishment for senior people. Once Rick takes his grandson to a space trip and there suggests destroying Earth with neutrino bomb that he had made of various waste materials. He decides to leave on his partner’s beloved alive so that there were another Eve and Adam and wise man as a God. It is only the high level of being drunk prevents him from realizing this plan, and he falls asleep. TV series will show how wonderful and inventive old people may be.