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“The series “”Invasion”” a fantastic Thriller, telling about the impact of alien creatures on humans.
Special forces storm eve is approaching the Florida coast. Concerned about the population of the small town of HOMESTEAD hastily stocked with gasoline, preparing to leave the unsafe zone. The local Sheriff Tom Anderle led evacuation, advising them to hurry up and keep calm. In panic and turmoil, residents do not notice the suspicious Golden lights that appeared during the storm. Abnormal illumination excites only the chief’s daughter rose, the story which disturbed adults just don’t believe.
The crushing blow that Eva is striking the city has terrible consequences. The raging element leaves the destroyed houses, overturned cars and broken wires, but most importantly, to disappear completely some of the inhabitants of the HOMESTEAD. Missing subsequently find nearby wetlands and save, but invisible and unclear changes have already affected affected. Frightening oddities associated with the resulting fires, will soon become irreversible.”